Web Design in Ireland

Web Design Basics for Irish Websites

There are a lot of web design companies out there with designs that are striking, visually appealing, and sometimes even abstract, but before you invest in a website there are some fundamentals that you need to be aware of.

What is the purpose of your website?

Do you want to provide information that will encourage more people to buy, do you just want to have a website to show to your employees, friends and family or do you want to have something that is valuable for your business?

Web design can be a strange environment where looking good is often given priority over function. In reality, your website needs to do both and that means the basic art of marketing should be adhered to.

We recommend that you include some or all of these elements on your homepage:

Big Telephone Number – A large and easy to find telephone number that will be answered so that when people want to get in touch with you, that you’re making it easy for them, and so they are not clicking off your site in frustration because they can’t find your telephone number.

Good Headline – make the services or products that you offer customers, obvious to the visitors to your website so that when they arrive on your website they know that they have landed on a relevant business.

For example, if you are a house painter tell them straight away eg – “We are Dublin’s Favourite House Painting Company.” Don’t leave them guessing.

Contact Form – the best time to start building an email contact list of potential customers who may at some time be interested in your services is always now. Maybe they are unable to reach you on the phone. By providing a contact form at the top of your homepage you present the opportunity for that person to become your customer. Perhaps, not today but someday.

Nice visual image – the reality is that people like people who smile, so if you show someone with a smile on your website it presents an image that your company is friendly and affordable.

If you follow these tips provided by Best Web Design Company Ireland on the homepage of your website, it can only improve your performance online.