Why Search Engine Optimisation For Small Businesses Matters

It does not matter what size business you own, search engine optimization should still be a very important element in any online marketing and promotional campaigns going forward. That said, SEO is particularly important for small businesses as it provides them with one of the best methods for obtaining free pre-qualified organic traffic to their websites.

Organic SEO

Some might think that focusing all of your internet marketing budget on video-sharing platforms and social media promotion is imperative in 2018. What these people forget, however, it that online search engines, including Yahoo and Google, are still the biggest referrers of high-quality organic traffic to business websites on the web today. Consequently, it would be somewhat foolish for any business to divert any of their marketing budget for SEO services into other areas. That is not to say that social media marketing is not incredibly effective and should also be invested in heavily. In fact, I’d recommend that businesses double their online promotion budgets if possible and invest in both methods.

Keep in mind that local search results or geo-targeted SERPs are now a big deal. This means you need to start ranking for specific locations and you can’t rely on global universal SERP rankings to give you an idea as to how your business website is performing with your target audience.

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that Google is now penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly. This means you need to ensure that your website is using responsive design themes. Alternatively, you need to ensure both your mobile site and desktop site are up-to-date and rich in unique content.

Voice Search Engine Optimisation

Furthermore, make note of the fact that voice search is only set to become more popular. This means optimizing for long tail keywords and questions is going to be more important than ever as the year progresses.

For those that have no idea where to start when it comes to search engine optimizing a website and implementing backlink building techniques to improve SERP rankings, hiring the services of a professional SEO agency as soon as possible would arguably be the best course of action. Many small online business owners wrongly imagine that professional SEO services are too costly, but the reality is that the marketplace for SEO service providers is very competitive. This means that online businesses can expect to take advantage of very competitive pricing structures as agencies compete for clients in the global marketplace.

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