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Lessons in Leadership with Paul McCarthy Cork

For me doing business has always been one of the driving forces of my life, because early on I learned to associate winning, whether selling more sports programmes than my father at the local GAA football match, or winning a game of pool with having money in my pocket and being able to afford to buy things, whether for myself or my family – Paul McCarthy.

Here are some tips for young entrepreneurs about things that I have learned –


The easy part about the journey to success is hard work. Most people work 10 hour days when you include travel, so the decisive factor in becoming successful usually is not hard work. You won’t usually become successful without hard work, but that alone is unlikely to achieve your goal.

Instead, it is more about understanding the work. Understanding what is valuable to others, and what you can bring to the table so that you achieve more, and are worth more. When you look around you at people that are successful, it is usually something a little more than hard work that is responsible for their success.


Becoming successful is like running a marathon. For most people quitting their job and spending everyday training to run a marathon would help them to achieve their best marathon time ever. But unless you have a strong chance of becoming a professional athlete this would be unwise.

We need to understand that we have responsibilities to earn a living, to support our families and to pay our housing costs. This does not mean that you cannot run a marathon, because many do but it does mean that you need to balance your training for running a marathon with your everyday life.

Equally the journey to becoming successful must be balanced with spending time with your family, looking after your health and fitness, and enjoying your life.

Avoid Shortcuts

As the saying goes, wisdom comes from experience and experience involves making mistakes. If there was one nugget of wisdom that I could share with you it would be to exercise caution when something seems too good to be true.

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